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These are our best selling items over the last 10 years all in one category - We specialize in Top of the line Italian Pizza Ovens by Alfa, we have French hand made Stoves by Invicta and American Made MCM Fireplaces by MALM.


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Dual Purpose wood stove and wood oven. with temp gauges and  more. Cook top for efficient heating and cooking in your wood cabin or home

N550 Dimplex Nectre Dual Purpose Wood Stove wood oven combo radiant heat

Nectre 550 Wood Fired Oven and Stove with Steel Cooktop Dual purpose Hybrid Cast Iron Stove- By Dimplex When you think about warming your hands on a chilly winter day,...
Nectre Modern Wood Burning fireplace. with wood storage perfect for the center room and corner room heating

Nectre N65 Wood Fireplace Black Wood Stove

Nectre N65 68,000 BTU Wood Stove This Nectre is a stylish sleek Modern Designed wood fireplace that is very efficient, one of our favorite fireplaces.   When you think about warming...
Hand crafted in France the Invicta Cast Iron wood stove has a large glass viewing area with a beautiful unique hand crafted style like no other.

Invicta Gaya Feuille Modern Wood Burning Artistic Contemporary Stove French Made

A bit of additional artistic flare! The stunning Invicta Gaya Feuille12 kW Wood Burning stove features a design inspired by the veins on a fallen autumn leaf. Clear pane airwash...
Invicta Symphonia 40" Cast Iron Wood Burning Stove

Invicta® Symphonia Cast Iron Wood Burning Fireplace 40" Clean Burning Modern Wood Stove

Symphonia 40" Cast Iron Stoves Let Symphonia captivate your senses. The hypnotic dance of the flames is reflected in the design on the doors of this wood-burning stove. Cozy evenings...
MCM Malm Bright White Zircon approved for Outdoor Fireplace or indoor use. bedroom living room and kitchen fireplace okay for outside as well as in your home.  Outdoor use is definitely a great use for these Cone style fireplaces, but the warranty does exclude outdoor air exposure.

Zircon Wood burning Zircon 34" IN STOCK SUMMER 2024 Mid century Modern Fireplace MCM fireplace available Feb 14th

$5,150.00 – $5,999.00
SKIP THE 6 MONTH WAIT AND GET YOUR MALM FASTER We have MALM 34" Wood Burning Fireplaces Colors available Gloss White, Forest Green, Cobalt Blue, Matte Black Malm Mid Century...
Irons trike Epic Freestanding stove gas LP

Iron Strike Epic Gas Stove Vent Free

Description The Epic™ combines the timeless, enchanting appeal of a wood fire with the convenience and ease of gas. With customization opportunities and a huge bay window providing a mesmerizing...
While Porcelain Malm style High Sierra Gas Fireplace mid century modern electric  fireplace. Creates the Ambiance while having no Smoke in a vent less MCM Fireplace Electric Mid Century Modern Fireplace

MALM High Sierras Mid Century Modern Electric Fireplace Ventless MCM Fireplace Zircon

$4,895.10 – $14,599.00
FAQ:Question: Does it need a full flue through the ceiling even if it’s electric?Answer: No the flue does not have to go all the way out of the home with the electric...
Double sided glass fireplace with see through glass you can have your wood fireplace setup in the center of the room while heating a lot of space. 90,000 BTU center room fireplace is very versatile.

Invicta® Nelson Two Sided Glass 36" Cast Iron Wood Burning Stove Fireplace- Double sided see through Wood Stove

Invicta Nelson 36" Cast Iron Stoves See through double glass fireplace The two glass sides of our Nelson stove give a unique character to your home. Cozy evenings await while...
See Through Fireplace with option for a Steel bench made specifically for the French Fireplace. or some use a concrete bench. This See through Mid century modern fireplace is perfect for a cabin or living room that needs to be brightened up. Scandinavian Style modern Free Standing Fireplace

Invicta® Aaron Double Sided Glass 36" Cast Iron Wood Burning Stove Fireplace 99,000 BTU's

Aaron 36" Modern Designer Cast Iron Stoves Designed with two front sides, it’s easy to find the perfect spot for your new Aaron fireplace. This stove is ideal for large...
Invicta Itaya Wood Burning Stove Italian Imported Modern Vented Cabin feeling wood stove WIDEST GLASS VIEWING AREA AVAILABLE IN THE UNITED STATES - Invicta Itaya Wood Stove Wood burning fireplace Cast iron High BTU EPA Certified Wood Burning Stove

Invicta® Itaya Wood Burning Stove Cast Iron Fire place

Invicta Itaya 41" Cast Iron Stoves Sophisticated and unique, our Itaya cast iron stove provides a touch of exquisite warmth to any interior. Exceptional design, the chimney-stove ITAYA, creates a...
Wood Oven and Wood stove combo to heat your home and also use it to cook, or bake or as a stovetop. you can heat your coffee or tea on it also

Nectre Wood-fire Oven Combination Cook Stove / Heater N350

 This Nectre N350 has been Discontinued - But we do have access to the N550 and can order them in for our customers.  The Nectre N350 Wood Stove & Oven...
Vented Modern Wood Stove with Glass Door and pedestal

Invicta® Antaya Cast Iron Wood Stove 2024 Model

The Invicta Antaya Wood Burning Stove is beautiful in its simplicity. The smooth, cast-iron frame compliments the flames without distracting the eye from their beauty. Made by stove manufacturer Invicta...