While Porcelain Malm style High Sierra Gas Fireplace mid century modern electric  fireplace. Creates the Ambiance while having no Smoke in a vent less MCM Fireplace Electric Mid Century Modern Fireplace
Porcelain colors available for your MALM midcentury modern fireplace
Porcelain colors for MCM Malm Fireplace
White MCM Electric Fireplace for a nook, bedroom or living room. Mixed with the Napoleon Electric fireplace Low heat more for the ambiance. Indoor Electric fireplace is perfect for heating your home
this here is the look of the Direct vent Gas MCM Fireplace. Ventless electric fireplace midcentury modern style electric fireplace
Most of the fireaplces we sell are the Powder coated White but we have option to powder coat our Mid Century Modern Fireplaces almost any color you desire
Malm Zircon Stainless Steel Mid Century Modern Fireplace Electric and gas versions in stainless steel as well as copper. These are Modern and beautiful, brand new so you do not have to worry about  blemishes and they are made to order in California
The wood and gas versions of the MCM fireplaces can be used indoors or outdoors whichever you desire
This here is the Matte Black Mid Century Modern Fireplace with the electric unit from napoleon in it.
Bright colored MCM firepalce in crazy colors of your choice made to order by Smokey Mountain Fireplaces
Bright custom colors Mid Century Modern Fireplaces
FIRE ENGINE RED MCM Fireplace.  powder coated wood burning midcentury modern fireplace brand new made to order
Clearances for High Sierra Malm style Gas and wood Mid Century Modern Fireplace
Malm Zircon High Sierra Clearances
MCM MAlm Zircon High Sierra Dimensions and measurments. brand new made to order in any color your choose
Midcentury Modern Malm Zircon high Sierra Fireplace
Gloss Black Midcentury modern malm Zircon High Sierra
Blue Porcelain Mid Century  Modern Fireplace. THE ICONIC MIDCENTURY MODERN MALM IN THE BRIGHTEST COLORS YOU CAN IMAGINE CUSTOM MADE FOR YOU Any color you  desire from tiger powder coats.
Stainless Steel Zircon by Malm
Bengal Orange MALM Zircon High Sierra MCM Fireplace. custom made for you in California
Custom YELLOW Gas fireplace by Malm. These are powder coated in any color you choose from Tiger coatings, made specifically for you, you have the choice of a matching base or black base (same price)
Custom made white malm (Please note that this shape is out dated, new shapes are straighter) but the idea is to show you the options and ideas for the malm Zircon
Mid Century Modern Wood Burning MALM ZIRCON HIGH SIERRA Fireplace Matte black with vintage style and modern looks
Forst Green Malm Zircon Living room mid Century modern fireplace- Vintage style with new technology

MALM High Sierras Mid Century Modern Electric Fireplace Ventless MCM Fireplace Zircon


What electric unit: Napoleon Woodland 18

Napoleon Woodland 18
Dimplex Optimyst

Color: Copper Handmade

Copper Handmade
Brass Handmade
Matte Black
Powder Coated- Choose your color
Stainless Steel
Powder Coated- choose your color
Is there a cost for shipping?
As a customer of Smokey Mountain we feel that you should pay NO Cost for shipping for any items to the lower 48 states as long as your order is over $350.
How fast do the MALM MCM fireplaces Ship?
These fireplaces are hand crafted in the USA, and each one is custom made to order, they take 5-7 months to be made and completed then ship direct to your door.
Is there any sales tax added to my order?
No Sales tax will be charged to your order unless it goes to California.
Can you ship to Alaska or Hawaii?
Yes we will gladly help get your large freight item (Fireplace, Pizza Oven MCM ect) to AK or HI just ask that you pay the extra cost to ship from the lower 48 to AK or HI. Feel Free to call or email brad for assistance. We are happy to help on this, and have done it a lot.
Product Description

Question: Does it need a full flue through the ceiling even if it’s electric?
No the flue does not have to go all the way out of the home with the electric malm. some just but it to the ceiling or a wall



This new design on a long lasting style is back and made to order specifically for you.

The High Sierra Gas fireplace is custom made by MALM in California to order for you with several options, choose your color, style and size. Available in natural gas or propane.

Here at Smokey Mountain  Fireplaces we have three different sizes the 30" 34" and 38" 

The High Sierras 34" is a sleek, fluid modern design that effectively shows off the blaze within. The burner does not require electricity; if your power fails, the flame will keep burning and heating your home. Available in all the standard Malm colors, the High Sierras 34" can provide a cozy atmosphere to any home.

here is the 34"

    When you order you can choose matte black or any of the Powder coated colors you choose! see the sheet of tiger colors


    About MALM Fireplaces

    Malm began making fireplaces in 1960. Malm fireplaces are designed and manufactured in California's Sonoma County near the famed wine country. Modern or traditional designs are available, designed with solid craftsmanship and quality materials.

    Our freestanding fireplaces are perfect for today's busy lifestyles. Traditional masonry brick fireplaces take hours to heat the mass of bricks and waste much of the heat. Malm fireplaces heat up rapidly and radiate heat efficiently in all directions. Unlike traditional wood-burning fireplaces, our fireplaces allow you a clear view of your fire from any angle and are available in a range of designer colors.

    Malm's selection of architect-designed fireplaces is available in a variety of porcelain colors, brass, stainless, nickel, copper-plated, or matte black finish.

    Malm also designs and creates custom fireplaces. Designs include larger size models of the standard units to large units constructed with exotic metal finishes and glass.

    Electric Fire Log High Sierra by Malm 34" Cone Fireplace features:

    Electric Dimplex Opti-Myst™ Malm 34" Zircon Cone Fireplace features: (Recommended)

    • Available in matte black or powder coat colors
    • Includes remote control w/ adjustable flame height
    • Uses cold water vapor & light to make extremely realistic "flames"
    • Does not put out heat
    • No venting required
    • Direct plumb or fill manually
    • Includes matching 8" pipe to 8' ceiling height- if you have a taller ceiling than 8" then you should add MALM High Sierra Flue 8" 
    • Opti-myst Flame Effect
      • Revolutionary ultrasonic technology produces a fine mist to create the illusion of flames and smoke
      Adjustable Flame Intensity
      • Control the desired volume of flame to suit.
      Crackling Sound Effects
      • Enjoy a more complete sensory experience with the sound of natural wood fire.
      Energy Efficient
      • Uses low-energy LED lights for low cost operation
      Modular Design
      • Multiple 20" (50.8 cm) and 40" (101.8 cm) cassettes can be combined in series to achieve the desired length for dramatic linear installations impossible to achieve with gas fires.
      Continuous Water Supply
      • Optional plumbed water supply kit provides continuous operation without refilling water tanks.
      Flame, Wire and Finish
      • Basic installation requires fewer tradespeople, no gas lines, venting or chimney.
      Heat-free Operation
      • Designed with the sole purpose of providing a stunning visual fire feature
      Customizable Flame Width
      • Includes spacers and slots for a customizable flame width and pattern.
      All-day Flames
      • Fill the water tank with tap water and enjoy up to 8 hours of continuous flames.
      Zero Emissions
      • The most sustainable fireplace option; no emissions and 100% efficient.
      Sight and Sound Remote
      • Control the flames and crackling sound effects at the touch of a button.

    Also available for this High Sierras fireplace available in Solid Copper, Nickle, stainless steel, or other specialty finishes. Contact us for more information. Call or email Brad at Smokey Mountain

    Fireplaces for pricing 541.678.3574

    This item is currently not in stock, but available to order. We want to let you know in plenty of advances that we are currently experiencing longer than normal lead times Right now these made to order fireplaces are 6-7 months out. We will do everything we can to make sure your purchase arrives as quickly as possible. Do you have a deadline? Call Smokey Mountain Fireplaces now 541.678.3574 to discuss lead times so we can help you decide if this item will arrive in time or what alternatives might be available to you at a faster rate. We apologize for the current long lead times that so many businesses are currently experiencing!


    This appliance has been tested in accordance with National Safety Standards and has been certified by Lab Test for installation and operation as described in this manual. Please read all the instructions before beginning your installation. Check with your local building code agency to ensure compliance with local codes. In the absence of local codes the installation must comply with National Fuel Gas Code ANSI Z22.3.1. In Canada, current CAN/CGA-B149.1 and B149.2 installation codes.

    here is info on the Napoleon Log Set 

     This is the install for the Optimyst Electric Malm Option


    Return policy for MALM Fireplaces - No Returns on MALM High Sierra made to order fireplaces. questions please call or email Servicesmokeymtn@gmail.com Brad at Smokey Mountain 541.678.3574 Once the order has been placed we start the process of manufacturing, it takes 6 months. if you need to cancel before it has been made, we can discuss the possibility of a refund with a 5% fee, only if we confirm the item has not started in manufacturing.

    Warranty is 5 year limited warranty through Malm. Warranty does not cover if the fireplace is used outdoors or in outdoor exposure  

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 2 reviews
    Brooklyn Roy
    Simply and good looking

    Living in an apartment, my options were limited due to building code but I still wanted the look and feel of a traditional fireplace so I purchased this MALM High Sierras Electric Fireplace. It does not provide heat but that was alright for me. What it did do, is greatly improve the feel of my relatively small space. Having the choice of colors was also nice since most come in black.

    Rachael Alport
    Malm was defiantly made with love

    I ordered this powder coated fireplace knowing that it was going to be great, but when it was finished it shines so much my living room lights up around it. I am so happy with my purchase and now my home is complete.
    100% recommend this Malm Zircon