Invicta® Wood Stoves

Warm your home with a beautiful wood-burning stove from Invicta®. These top-of-the-line wood stoves are made in France and are truly built to last a lifetime! These wood cast iron stoves & ovens are the perfect combination of traditional and modern, and are the perfect focal point piece for any room in your home!


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Invicta Theia is a Solid Cast Iron stove with a modern Indutrial look that is matched by no other. The huge portrait style viewing glass allows you to see the flames and the large steel surround helps with heat output and looks great

Invicta Theia Modern Artistic 41" Cast Iron Wood Burning Stove

Theia Cast Iron Stoves Unique and flamboyant, our Theïa cast iron chimney stove redefines the traditional fireplace. Flamboyant actor, the chimney-stove Theïa plays an original version of the fire in...
Hand crafted in France the Invicta Cast Iron wood stove has a large glass viewing area with a beautiful unique hand crafted style like no other.

Invicta Gaya Feuille Modern Wood Burning Artistic Contemporary Stove Italian Made

A bit of additional artistic flare! The stunning Invicta Gaya Feuille12 kW Wood Burning stove features a design inspired by the veins on a fallen autumn leaf. Clear pane airwash...
Invicta Symphonia 40" Cast Iron Wood Burning Stove

Invicta® Symphonia Cast Iron Wood Burning Fireplace 40" Clean Burning Modern Wood Stove

Symphonia 40" Cast Iron Stoves Let Symphonia captivate your senses. The hypnotic dance of the flames is reflected in the design on the doors of this wood-burning stove. Cozy evenings...
Up close Dual Door And Glass covered Wood burning stove with clean burning

Invicta® Gaya Ardoise Cast Iron Modern Wood Burning Fireplace

Gaya Ardoise 47" Cast Iron Stoves Get comfortable in your armchair and enjoy the fantastic show provided by the Gaya Ardoise chimney stove. For Invicta, design is only meaningful if it is...
Invicta Preston Single sided Glass Wood burning stove

Invicta Preston Single sided Glass Wood burning stove

Preston by Invicta - NOT SOLD IN THE US. Invicta cannot sell the Preston in the United States. if you want the Preston. we can offer the Aaron or the...
Invicta Itaya Wood Burning Stove Italian Imported Modern Vented Cabin feeling wood stove

Invicta® Itaya Wood Burning Stove Cast Iron Fire place

Invicta Itaya 41" Cast Iron Stoves Sophisticated and unique, our Itaya cast iron stove provides a touch of exquisite warmth to any interior. Exceptional design, the chimney-stove ITAYA, creates a...
Double sided glass fireplace with see through glass you can have your wood fireplace setup in the center of the room while heating a lot of space. 90,000 BTU center room fireplace is very versatile.

Invicta® Nelson Double Sided Glass 36" Cast Iron Wood Burning Stove Fireplace

Invicta Nelson 36" Cast Iron Stoves See through double glass fireplace The two glass sides of our Nelson stove give a unique character to your home. Cozy evenings await while...
Vented Modern Wood Stove with Glass Door and pedestal

Invicta® Antaya Cast Iron Wood Stove 2021 Model

The Invicta Antaya Wood Burning Stove is beautiful in its simplicity. The smooth, cast-iron frame compliments the flames without distracting the eye from their beauty. Made by stove manufacturer Invicta...
See Through Fireplace with option for a Steel bench made specifically for the French Fireplace. or some use a concrete bench. This See through Mid century modern fireplace is perfect for a cabin or living room that needs to be brightened up

Invicta® Aaron Double Sided Glass 36" Cast Iron Wood Burning Stove Fireplace

Aaron 36" Modern Designer Cast Iron Stoves Designed with two front sides, it’s easy to find the perfect spot for your new Aaron fireplace. This stove is ideal for large...
Grand Angle Glass face on class 4 leg style wood burning clean stove

Invicta® Kazan Grand Angle Cast Iron Wood Stove

Kazan GA 30" Cast Iron Stoves Featuring a screen-printed “grand angle” (GA) pane, our Kazan stove is both powerful and chic. Its fins are designed with an extended heat transfer...
 Features The Invicta Kiara Wood Stove heats up to 1500 sq ft.  EPA Certified 1.53 cu. ft. Firebox Contemporary Design Maximum 42,000 BTUs/hr Output 63% Efficiency Weight: 357 lbs. 6” Top Flue 1.76 g/hr Emissions Fits 22" Log

Invicta® Kiara Wood Stove 2022 Model

  Kiara 26" Cast Iron Stoves The Kiara stove provides comfort and reassurance in extreme cold. It adds a touch of style to your room with its calming effects. Exclusively...
The stylish Kazan fireplace combines modern design and great performance. Manufactured in France by Invicta, the Kazan will deliver up to 42,000 BTUs of heat. Feel all the energy and warmth that emerges from this beautiful, woodburning stove

Invicta® Kazan Cast Iron Wood Stove

Kazan 26" Cast Iron Stoves Kazan is a stylish and high-performance stove inspired by the heat efficiency of cast iron radiators. Its fins provide it with a unique and elegant...