See Through Fireplace with option for a Steel bench made specifically for the French Fireplace. or some use a concrete bench. This See through Mid century modern fireplace is perfect for a cabin or living room that needs to be brightened up. Scandinavian Style modern Free Standing Fireplace. 100% Cast Iron Wood Burning stove one of the only see through clear  Fish Tank Style Firepalces in the US. Made in France these fireplaces are one of a kind
Double sided glass fireplace with the short invicta handmade steel bench. Firewood storage while heating your cabin with a solid wood fireplace
Double Sided Wood Fireplace Modern Style with see through glass and designed for the middle of the room. to heat your entire living area. also great for a bedroom or dividing wall fireplace. French Made by hand. In Stock
Double sided Modern Cast Iron Fireplace. Handmade in France with tempered glass and clean glass technology to keep your glass clean and make for an easy fire to build and maximum heat release for your room.
The side width for the Invicta cast iron fireplace is 481 mm ~ 19
Metric and standard Dimensions for Mid Century Modern Wood Stove. 35.8
clearances for Combustibles.  from the Birds Eye View for the Aaron and Nelson
Designed with two front sides, it’s easy to find the perfect spot for your new Aaron fireplace. This stove is ideal for large logs and offers a stunning panoramic view of its flames. Simply place it on a raw material such as stone or on one of its benches (sold separately). Bench available in 2 sizes.
living room model for The Invicta Nelson and Aaron Modern concrete living room. This Doubled sided see through glass fireplace can go inside a wall or can also go against a wall
Highly Efficient wood fireplace. 70% efficient and EPA Certified while also kicking out a massive 90,000 BTU's of heat
Double Sided Viewing area fireplace with the option to set it on a bench or set the fireplace in the middle of a wall and see though it. no need to choose one side or the other, the Aaron stove offers double sided view of the fire. Placed directly on natural material such as stone or metal bench (offered as an optional Bench in 39 in or 60 in wide benches.  Welcomes large logs and also has storage under the fireplace.
poker sticks for the Invicta Aaron and Nelson see through double sided firepalces
Ash box for the Invicta Aaron and nelson two sided fireplace
wood holder for the inside of the Invicta Aaron and Nelson
Wood holder basket for the Center of the room See through Fireplace Wood Stove
High Energy Ratings for the Invicta Nelson and Aaon double sided glass see through wood burning fireplace. the A rating is approved for install in the US

Invicta® Aaron Double Sided Glass 36" Cast Iron Wood Burning Stove Fireplace 99,000 BTU's

$5,999.99 $4,714.99 SAVE 21%
Is there a cost for shipping?
As a customer of Smokey Mountain we feel that you should pay NO Cost for shipping for any items to the lower 48 states as long as your order is over $350.
What is the difference between Nelson and the Aaron?
The Nelson has a stand included with it. The Aaron, has no stand so you can set it on your own bench or platform or on the Bench that Invicta made specifically for it.
Are the invicta fireplaces approved in the US?
Yes all Invicta Fireplaces we sell are approved for use in the United States.
How fast do your Invicta Ship?
In stock ship next day usually.
Is there any sales tax added to my order?
No Sales tax will be charged to your order unless it goes to California.
Can you ship to Alaska or Hawaii?
Yes we will gladly help get your large freight item (Fireplace, Pizza Oven MCM ect) to AK or HI just ask that you pay the extra cost to ship from the lower 48 to AK or HI. Feel Free to call or email brad for assistance. We are happy to help on this, and have done it a lot.
Product Description

Aaron 36" Modern Designer Cast Iron Stoves

Designed with two front sides, it’s easy to find the perfect spot for your new Aaron fireplace. This stove is ideal for large logs and offers a stunning panoramic view of its flames. Simply place it on a raw material such as stone or on one of its benches (sold separately). Bench available in 2 sizes.

Scandinavian Sleek Design with a high heat out put and durable quality build, Invicta is handmade to last

This See Through glass fireplace brings a post modern style with a function that people love. Seeing through your fireplace opens up the room or in some cases people will use this fireplace in a wall that separates rooms. 

EPA Approved Fireplace in all 50 States

Prop 65 approved in California 

No need to flip a coin to look on the bright side of this double-sided stove. Aaron multiplies design options: directly placed on a natural material like stone or on the optional metallic bench. This stove lets you enjoy a great vision of the fire and offers the possibility to burn.

This Invicta Aaron double sided wood burning stove has an expansive ceramic glass at the front and back, making it ideal for a double-sided viewing window, making this stove an excellent choice for inner room installation and also giving you a truly panoramic view of your dancing fire. A considerable 24kW output means this stove is not just a pretty face. Made by stove manufacturer Invicta in France, this high-efficiency stove delivers 99,000 BTUs of heat. 

Double face - See through design with "two fronts" great for an open room, bedroom or large living area
Double Opening Doors- Yes that is right there are two doors on the Invicta Aaron and the Nelson

Unit has two doors. Ideal for separating two rooms to reload the wood from one side to another. This is the Premier see through fireplace in the United States UL rated and ready for install. 

The unit operates with regular loading of small quantities of wood. This operating method is particularly high-performing and respectful of the environment. 


Wood Stove Specifications Invicta Aaron
Dimensions 25"H x 35.82"W x 19"D
Heat Area 2200 sq. ft.
Max Log Size 30"
Heat Output 99,000 BTU per hour
Efficiency 70%
Weight 395 lbs.
Flue Pipe Diameter 7"
Flue Exit


Clearance to Combustibles (Front / Sides / Rear)

48" / 23" / 48"

Glass Dimensions

 356mm x 763mm x 4mm

Installation Questions? 

PDF for Invticta Aaron and Nelson 

Here is the new Owners Manual 


Installation Manual for Invicta Aaron and Nelson

Would you like to see all the Invicta Cast Iron Wood Stoves 

Spacing needed from combustibles -23" side to side  

Spacing from non combustibles - There’s no restriction for non-combustible wall, but a sheet of cement board fixed to wood stud is not consider as non-combustible wall. For that, they need to check with the local code because it’s different in each state.

The Invicta Aaron has one very solid door with a sleek button on the bottom Right to release the door. 

Chimney Height Requirements:  At least 3 feet (0.9 m) higher than the highest part of the roof opening through which it passes. • At least 2 feet (0.6 m) higher than any part of the roof within 10 feet (3 m) measured horizontally from the top of the chimney. The recommended minimum chimney height is 15 feet (4.5 m) off the floor. The recommended maximum chimney height is 45 feet (13.5m). This Invicta series requires a draft between 0.06” and 0.1” water column. Ensure your chimney is long enough to provide the minimum draft, and use a damper if your installation has a required chimney height that provides too much draft.

The Aaron and Nelson have a Ash tray that pulls out on the bottom

Hearth size Requirements


Why this product?

Invicta is the best example of balance between history, craft and European design. It’s also Europe’s largest manufacturer of cast iron stoves, fireplaces and insert.

The Invicta foundry is located in Donchery since 1924, in the Champagne-Ardenne region of France, and is one of the oldest and largest working foundries in Europe.

8 hour extended burning

The unit can operate in slow combustion mode for 8 hours without adding more fuel or other external intervention. There will be a bed of embers after this period. This is enough to reload the unit with fuel to relight it.

Adjustable secondary air

    Secondary air protects the glass against smoke and soot deposits. It ensures combustion of volatile materials. The adjustable secondary air flow can adapt the unit’s operation to high draft conditions.

    Clean glass

      The clean glass system slows deposit buildup on the glass. An air supply above the glass creates a protective curtain. The preheated air is propelled along the glass. It triggers combustion of gas and volatile materials, thereby protecting the glass against smoke and soot deposits.

      Origine France Garantie (Made in France Guarantee)

      The Origine France Garantie is the only certification that certifies a product was manufactured in France. This labeling is validated by an independent organization, after an audit. (Bureau Veritas No.7208672). OFG products are manufactured in France at Invicta Group manufacturing sites.

      Post-combustion system

        Injection of pre-heated air into the combustion chamber The supplementary air intake in the back enables hydrocarbons to be destroyed at a high temperature. Complete combustion reduces pollution.

         Full Warranty and Owners Manual 

        Bench Comes in two size options 39" and 63'  Sold Separately   


        • Support Benches
          • Small Bench 39" W x 17.75" H x 21" D
          • Large Bench 60" W x 17.75" H x 21.5" D

        8" Flue Adapter is a common item that is needed to get this Wood Stove hooked up to your Wood fireplace Flue

        Invicta, French foundry and enamel plant is implanted since 1924 at Donchery in the region Champagne-Ardenne. With 280 employees, these stoves are truly hand made.

        The minimum floor protection for US installations is 52 ½ in x 51 ¼ in.

        Note the Invicta Aaron and Nelson are the exact same dimensions, just that one has a pedestal and the other has the ability to set on the bench or the table of your choice.

        Do you own a Aaron and maybe have low flow? these are some common things that cause the Aaron or Nelson to not burn to their full potential. Most of the time we had issue, customer either:

        • Reduce the flue pipe or the chimney to 6’’
        • Not enough chimney height (recommended 15’ from bottom of stove)
        • Door get closed to fast
        • And most of the time, wood too damp

        Customer Reviews

        Based on 9 reviews
        Amanda Kurtz
        We searched far and wide for the perfect fireplace to go against a window

        We have a big window overlooking a view and the goal was to get a fireplace that we can look through and have the view behind. When we found this it was perfect, and the style allows us to keep our view and the fire is beautiful. Very happy with the help from Brad and our contractors to get this for us

        Josh Phillips
        No more tiny logs!

        One thing that annoyed me about my old stove was how small I needed to chop wood in order for it to fit. The Invicta Aaron stood out to me, because it allows you to fit logs up to 30". It may be marginal but being able to chop larger pieces and just throw them in has actually been a nice change. I would purchase again.

        Max Turner
        Impressive Unit!

        We got this for our home to set in a wall between the kitchen and living room. It works perfectly!

        Angel Harris

        It is beautiful! I can not wait to get it installed!

        Erika Cannon
        Perfect for our new home

        We are building up a new home and inside it we wanted something that stood out, divided the space but made it feel cozy. Well spot on, my husband came across this and we had it installed.
        Now we cannot wait to get it lit up and see how the rest works, so far the Invicta is high quality. Our contractors said they had never worked with such a well engineered stove. Perfect addition to this home. Purchased the bench and it was defiantly designed specifically for this.