Smokey Mountain Fireplaces is a family owned business that was started by Jim Faust in 2008 and taken over by Brad Faust in 2020. Smokey Mountain Fireplaces started because we realized how many family evenings were spent around our wood fireplace. Our best conversations, heartiest laughs and moments of celebration all happened with the backdrop of a crackling fire. We strive to share the joy these moments brought us, with you.

Now, after 15 years in business, Smokey Mountain Fireplaces found that we love to gather around the outdoor kitchen, using the pizza oven as a place to enjoy family time. We are extremely grateful for our customers and we strive to give the small town customer experience. Being one of the only online dealers that you can call and directly and reach a real person that will answer your question or find an answer and get back to you. Because that is what we strive for - human connections.