Up close Dual Door And Glass covered Wood burning stove with clean burning
Glass and French dual door Wood stove with Flue for modern Living
Brand New wood Burning Mid Centruy Modern Clean Burning Wood Stove
French door Modern Wood Stove- Largest wood burning stove with longer logs than most others
Corner Pedestal French Door Wood burning stove
Dimensions in metric for Invicta Clean Burning Wood Stove.

Invicta® Gaya Ardoise Cast Iron Modern Wood Burning Fireplace

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As a customer of Smokey Mountain we feel that you should pay NO Cost for shipping for any items to the lower 48 states as long as your order is over $350.
Are the invicta fireplaces approved in the US?
Yes all Invicta Fireplaces we sell are approved for use in the United States.
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In stock ship next day usually.
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No Sales tax will be charged to your order unless it goes to California.
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Yes we will gladly help get your large freight item (Fireplace, Pizza Oven MCM ect) to AK or HI just ask that you pay the extra cost to ship from the lower 48 to AK or HI. Feel Free to call or email brad for assistance. We are happy to help on this, and have done it a lot.
Product Description

Gaya Ardoise 47" Cast Iron Stoves

Get comfortable in your armchair and enjoy the fantastic show provided by the Gaya Ardoise chimney stove.

For Invicta, design is only meaningful if it is accessible to the greatest number of people.The Invicta Ardoise Wood Burning EPA Stove is eye-catching in its beauty. The nature-themed frame embodies luxury and serenity, making this stove an excellent choice for homes with a natural aesthetic. Made by stove manufacturer Invicta in France, the Ardoise delivers 90,000 BTUs of heat and comes with an advanced secondary-combustion system that increases efficiency, resulting in longer burn times.

This has been our vocation for decades. Invicta is committed day to day to making this dream possible, so that everyone can afford the best in design and performance. With this philosophy, Invicta Group has become the European leader in wood burning stoves. Whatever your budget, you will find an Invicta stove with both excellent design and high performance, and watching it in your living room will be a daily joy.

The Gaya Ardoise is a stunning and unique free standing wood burning stove from Invicta. The fascia is made from solid cast iron and has a unique design ideal for the larger contemporary room, with a heat output of upto 12kW this stove is able to heat an area of 64/192m. 

Measurment (HxWxD):

36"×40,75" x19,5"

This universal affordability is so central that it has become the signature of the brand. Invicta. Beautiful. Comfortable. Affordable. Sink into your armchair and enjoy the great show displayed by the chimney-stove GAYA ARDOISE.


 12 kW
 8 to 18 kW
 160 - 360 m³
 65 to 145 m²
 7 stars
30 mg/Nm³
 Logs 25, Logs 33, Logs 50 cm
71 cm
 180 mm

H 1143 x W 1200 x D 503 mm

(45 x 47.2 x 19.8 in.)

Measurment (HxWxD):

36"×40,75" x19,5"

206 kg (454 lb.)
 Cast Iron
EN 13240
GUARANTEE - 5 year Manufacturer

Why this product?

8 hour extended burning

The unit can operate in slow combustion mode for 8 hours without adding more fuel or other external intervention. There will be a bed of embers after this period. This is enough to reload the unit with fuel to relight it.

Adjustable secondary air

    Secondary air protects the glass against smoke and soot deposits. It ensures combustion of volatile materials. The adjustable secondary air flow can adapt the unit’s operation to high draft conditions.

    Clean glass

      The clean glass system slows deposit buildup on the glass. An air supply above the glass creates a protective curtain. The preheated air is propelled along the glass. It triggers combustion of gas and volatile materials, thereby protecting the glass against smoke and soot deposits.

      Origine France Garantie (Made in France Guarantee)

      The Origine France Garantie is the only certification that certifies a product was manufactured in France. This labeling is validated by an independent organization, after an audit. (Bureau Veritas No.7208672). OFG products are manufactured in France at Invicta Group manufacturing sites.

      Post-combustion system

        Injection of pre-heated air into the combustion chamber The supplementary air intake in the back enables hydrocarbons to be destroyed at a high temperature. Complete combustion reduces pollution.


        Here is the Owners Manual 

         Invicta, French foundry and enamel plant is implanted since 1924 at Donchery in the region Champagne-Ardenne. With 280 employees, these stoves are truly hand made.

        Customer Reviews

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        Casey McKenzie
        Not your average wood burning stove!

        Most wood burning stoves have a standard boxy shape but I wanted a stove that would be more of a statement piece so this Invicta® Gaya Ardoise was a great choice. Definitely on the higher end price wise but you get what you pay for and I felt it was worth it for the design, features and strong heat volume. My favorite has been the 8 hour extended burn b/c I don't have to worry about it going out when I am gone skiing for the day or over night.