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Invicta® Antaya Cast Iron Wood Stove 2021 Model

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The Invicta Antaya Wood Burning EPA Stove is beautiful in its simplicity. The smooth, cast-iron frame compliments the flames without distracting the eye from their beauty. Made by stove manufacturer Invicta in France, the Antaya delivers 90,000 BTUs of heat and comes with an advanced secondary-combustion system that increases efficiency, resulting in longer burn times. Its clear pane airwash system keeps the wide viewing window clean with minimal maintenance.

Max Output: 90 000 btu/hr
Heating Capacity: 2500 SQFT
Firebox volume/ Capacity: 2,32 CUFT.
Weight: 485 lbs
Log size: up to 24"
Flue dimension: 7"
Flue exit: Top
Color: Anthracite
Measurment (HxWxD): 35,5x41,5 x19 in
Single wall pipe: Double wall pipe and rear shield:
Back: 19" Back: 12"
Sides: 18" Side: 18"
Corner: 21"


12 kW
8 to 18 kW
160 to 360 m³
65 to 145 m²
7 stars
77 %

This Cast Iron Wood Stove comes with a 5 year manufacturers warranty

100% Cast Iron

Invicta is the best example of balance between history, craft and European design. It’s also Europe’s largest manufacturer of cast iron stoves, fireplaces and insert.

The Invicta foundry is located in Donchery since 1924, in the Champagne-Ardenne region of France, and is one of the oldest and largest working foundries in Europe.

8 hour extended burning

The unit can operate in slow combustion mode for 8 hours without adding more fuel or other external intervention. There will be a bed of embers after this period. This is enough to reload the unit with fuel to relight it.

Adjustable secondary air

Secondary air protects the glass against smoke and soot deposits. It ensures combustion of volatile materials. The adjustable secondary air flow can adapt the unit’s operation to high draft conditions.

Clean glass

The clean glass system slows deposit buildup on the glass. An air supply above the glass creates a protective curtain. The preheated air is propelled along the glass. It triggers combustion of gas and volatile materials, thereby protecting the glass against smoke and soot deposits.

Origine France Garantie (Made in France Guarantee)

The Origine France Garantie is the only certification that certifies a product was manufactured in France. This labeling is validated by an independent organization, after an audit. (Bureau Veritas No.7208672). OFG products are manufactured in France at Invicta Group manufacturing sites.

Post-combustion system

Injection of pre-heated air into the combustion chamber The supplementary air intake in the back enables hydrocarbons to be destroyed at a high temperature. Complete combustion reduces pollution.



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