The stylish Kazan fireplace combines modern design and great performance. Manufactured in France by Invicta, the Kazan will deliver up to 42,000 BTUs of heat. Feel all the energy and warmth that emerges from this beautiful, woodburning stove
Invicta  6104-44  Invicta Kazan 26
Flue Dimensions in english
This is the Dimensions for the Hearth for the Invicta Kazan
Fire poker and ash scoop for your fireplace
Brand New Kazan with the Stickers Still  on it
Flue specs for Invicta Kazan Wood stove . Hybrid

Invicta® Kazan Cast Iron Wood Stove

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As a customer of Smokey Mountain we feel that you should pay NO Cost for shipping for any items to the lower 48 states as long as your order is over $350.
Are the invicta fireplaces approved in the US?
Yes all Invicta Fireplaces we sell are approved for use in the United States.
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In stock ship next day usually.
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No Sales tax will be charged to your order unless it goes to California.
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Yes we will gladly help get your large freight item (Fireplace, Pizza Oven MCM ect) to AK or HI just ask that you pay the extra cost to ship from the lower 48 to AK or HI. Feel Free to call or email brad for assistance. We are happy to help on this, and have done it a lot.
Product Description

Kazan 26" Cast Iron Stoves

Kazan is a stylish and high-performance stove inspired by the heat efficiency of cast iron radiators. Its fins provide it with a unique and elegant look, all the while improving its energy efficiency by way of an extended heat transfer surface.

Zen attitude…Kazan breathes harmony and serenity to your home. Feel all the positive energy that emerges from this well-proportioned stove.

The stylish Kazan fireplace combines modern design and great performance. Manufactured in France by Invicta, the Kazan will deliver up to 42,000 BTUs of heat. Feel all the energy and warmth that emerges from this beautiful, woodburning stove.


 9 kW
6 to 13.5 kW
125 to 275 m³
50 to 110 m²
 7 stars
0,08 %
28 mg/Nm³
Logs 25, Logs 33, Logs 50 cm
58 cm
Top or Back
150 mm
H 768 x W 652 x D 372 mm
157 kg 
 Cast Iron
EN 13240 – BImSchV2
 5 years

100% Cast Iron

Want to see the full specs here is the Kazan User Manual PDF

Invicta is the best example of balance between history, craft and European design. It’s also Europe’s largest manufacturer of cast iron stoves, fireplaces and insert.

The Invicta foundry is located in Donchery since 1924, in the Champagne-Ardenne region of France, and is one of the oldest and largest working foundries in Europe.

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One of the Thinnest Fireplaces on the market at just over 14" in depth this is a great fireplace for a tight fit

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8 hour extended burning

The unit can operate in slow combustion mode for 8 hours without adding more fuel or other external intervention. There will be a bed of embers after this period. This is enough to reload the unit with fuel to relight it.

Adjustable secondary air

Secondary air protects the glass against smoke and soot deposits. It ensures combustion of volatile materials. The adjustable secondary air flow can adapt the unit’s operation to high draft conditions.

Clean glass

The clean glass system slows deposit buildup on the glass. An air supply above the glass creates a protective curtain. The preheated air is propelled along the glass. It triggers combustion of gas and volatile materials, thereby protecting the glass against smoke and soot deposits.

Origine France Garantie (Made in France Guarantee)

The Origine France Garantie is the only certification that certifies a product was manufactured in France. This labeling is validated by an independent organization, after an audit. (Bureau Veritas No.7208672). OFG products are manufactured in France at Invicta Group manufacturing sites.

Post-combustion system

Injection of pre-heated air into the combustion chamber The supplementary air intake in the back enables hydrocarbons to be destroyed at a high temperature. Complete combustion reduces pollution.


Chimney Connection info - from The Kazan Owners Manual (Pg 12 of 47) 

2.5 CONNECTION TO THE CHIMNEY This room heater must be connect to: 1) A chimney complying with the requirements for Type HT chimneys in the Standard for Chimneys, Factory-Built, Residential Type and Building Heating Appliance, UL 103, or 2) a coded-approved masonry chimney with a flue liner. CAUTION: Care must be taken during installation. Shortcuts or compromises may result in safety hazards or even fire. Do not connect the unit to a chimney used for another appliance. Do not cut rafters or ceiling joints without first consulting a building official to ensure that structural integrity is not compromised. Use a 6’’ black single or double wall connector pipe. Use only a 6’’ insulated flue in compliance with the UL 103HT or ULC S629 standard as soon as you go through a combustible wall, in compliance with your local installation standards. This connector and each ajoining section will be fixed to the smoke outlet using 3 self-taping screws #10-1/2’’. A CHIMNEY SERVING AS AN OUTLET FOR A STOVE CANNOT BE USES FOR ANY OTHER APPLIANCE. CAUTION: PLEASE REFER TO THE INSTRUTION MANUAL OF THE CHIMNEY MANUFACTURER FOR THE INSTALLATION DETAILS

 Invicta, French foundry and enamel plant is implanted since 1924 at Donchery in the region Champagne-Ardenne. With 280 employees, these stoves are truly hand made.

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Kaylee Jean
Really a Great Stove

This stove made our little cabin so cozy. It was the best investment we have made at our place so far. We just absolutely love it

Josef R Harold
Beyond Impressed with this Freestanding Stove

This stove is really well built, they defiantly went above and beyond when designing this Wood burning stove. This Invicta we are impressed with and get so many compliments, I have no issues with it and its been over a year now. the glass really does stay clean also, they engineered it really perfectly.