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Smokey Mountain Fireplaces

High Sierras Mid Century Modern Wood Fireplace MADE IN THE USA

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This new design on a long lasting vintage style is back and made to order specifically for you made in the California to order by Malm. Made to order Black mid century modern Malm is 6 months out, porcelain painted are 7 months out from the date of order  made specifically for you as well as any extra flue pipe (if you’re ceiling is higher than 8’ add pipe in 12” or 24” intervals” 

The High Sierra 30" wood burning fireplace is custom made to order for you


High Sierra Cone Fireplace 30" unit features:

High Sierra Cone Fireplace 34" unit features:

  • Available in colored porcelain, brushed stainless steel, or matte black
  • Lift-off screen
  • Three sections of 8x24" pipe
  • Eight bags Malm refractory
  • Wood grate not included
  • 34" install instructions & clearances PDF here

High Sierra Cone Fireplace 38" unit features:

  • Available in matte black only
  • Lift-off screen
  • Three sections of 9x24" pipe
  • One 9" to 10" adapter
  • Ten bags Malm refractory
  • Wood grate not included
  • 38" install instructions & clearances PDF here

When you order you can choose matte black or the porcelain color you want

Porcelain colors to choose from are Clay, Camel, Almond, Ash, Slate Gray, Terra Cotta, Forest Green, Blue, White, Black 

Also available for this High Sierras fireplace available in Solid Copper, Nickle, stainless steel, or other specialty finishes. Contact us for more information. Call or email Brad at Smokey Mountain Fireplaces for pricing 541.678.3574 



About MALM Fireplaces

Malm began making fireplaces in 1960. Malm fireplaces are designed and manufactured in California's Sonoma County near the famed wine country. Modern or traditional designs are available, designed with solid craftsmanship and quality materials.

Our freestanding fireplaces are perfect for today's busy lifestyles. Traditional masonry brick fireplaces take hours to heat the mass of bricks and waste much of the heat. Malm fireplaces heat up rapidly and radiate heat efficiently in all directions. Unlike traditional wood-burning fireplaces, our fireplaces allow you a clear view of your fire from any angle and are available in a range of designer colors.

Malm's selection of architect-designed fireplaces is available in a variety of porcelain colors, brass, stainless, nickel, copper-plated, or matte black finish.

Malm also designs and creates custom fireplaces. Designs include larger size models of the standard units to large units constructed with exotic metal finishes and glass.


This appliance has been tested in accordance with National Safety Standards and has been certified by Lab Test for installation and operation as described in this manual. Please read all the instructions before beginning your installation. Check with your local building code agency to ensure compliance with local codes. In the absence of local codes the installation must comply with National Fuel Gas Code ANSI Z22.3.1. In Canada, current CAN/CGA-B149.1 and B149.2 installation codes.



Return policy for MALM Fireplaces - No Returns on MALM High Sierra made to order fireplaces. questions please call or email Brad at Smokey Mountain 541.678.3574 

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
George Lawlas
Stunningly Beautiful Fireplace that made our living room pop with color and energy

I ordered the Porcelain White Malm Fireplace and when it showed up we were so happy with it.
Install was really straight forward and it is even more beautiful than the photos on the website. We are so happy with this fireplace and it was worth every penny to go with brand new because this shine and pop is perfect!!

Sean Buell
Perfect Mid century modern fireplace and just beautiful

I had this made specifically to complete our remodel and it is amazing. I am loving the quality and I am so happy I found this new. a blast from the past that is just so perfect for mid century style and new feel perfect color and shine on this thing. center of our home is now complete!

Arrived and is stunning

The firepalce was made to order, when it arrived it was worth the wait! so excited about this Malm vintage style is nailed. Turns out this company has been making these firepalces for 60 years and really knows what they are doing!!