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ALFA Forni Brio Hybrid Italian Pizza Oven Gas and Wood Outdoor Oven

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Alfa Brio Hybrid Gas/Wood Fired Pizza Oven

The Alfa Brio is Smokey Mountain Fireplaces #1 selling pizza oven.   

 The Antique Red Brio and Silver Black are IN STOCK and ready to ship 

Limited Edition Black and Blue are ins tock for a short time still. while supplies last we have them! (on Oct 1 2022 we have 10 Blue and 23 "Silver Black" Brio Ovens available.

Brio at last! Here’s the new Alfa 2-pizza gas-fired oven. Brio is the oven that heats up so quickly that you can eat your first pizza in just 30 minutes.

Temperature, insulation and resistance, all in one pizza oven: the Alfa oven

  1. HeatKeeper™ refractory stone
  2. Fuel - Gas With Hybrid Wood Kit
  3. DoubleDown Ceramic Superwool® insulation
  4. Max Temperature 1000 degrees
  5. Smokey Mtn Blog Post for Propane to NG Conversion Included with all gas Alfa Pizza Ovens from Smokey Mountain Fireplaces
  6. Patented Full Effect Full Circulation Flue System®
  • 5 reasons to choose an Alfa Heat Genius™ pizza oven
  1. Construction of the Forninox™ steel cooking chamber
  2. OptiDome semi-sphere design
  3. Shell with double layer powder coating
  4. “Ready Already” technology
  5. Sidefire gas burner

Bring home the Brio to cook the real Neapolitan pizza in 60 seconds!

Brio is the gas-fired oven that can also burn wood.
Can’t decide between the speed and convenience of a gas-fired oven
and the romance and aroma of wood-fired? Brio is the answer! Brio
is a gas-fired oven but, with the available hybrid kit, can also be used
with wood. So, when everyone is hungry, you can get going quickly
with gas. But when it’s all about the experience, you can use wood.

Alfa’s R&D team has succeeded in producing an oven capable of retaining as much  heat as possible by limiting heat loss after a careful study of the cooking chamber’s proportions and fluid flows protected by the Alfa Flue System™ patent; in this way, the heat is trapped for a long time inside the Alfa high-density fire bricks so that they reach the good temperature for an even cooking.

Choose how to set up your kitchen nook with an Alfa oven: the Brio comes in the top version so that you can place it on an existing surface in the garden, mount it on its dedicated base or install it on the Alfa multifunction table

  • External oven temperatures are moderate because of the triple layer of high-density, ceramic fibre insulation usually used in commercial pizza ovens (30% more insulation than competing products).
  • The Alfa refractory bricks have higher density to gradually release heat and cook better (40% more retention than competing products).
  • The Brio dimensions have been especially designed so that the oven can rest on the top of outdoor kitchens (only 76 cm deep).
  • The Brio’s wraparound design will leave all your guests speechless.
  • Available in the top version to place on the table, the shelf or the dedicated Alfa base
  • ANSI Certified

 Want to see how to convert it from a NG to Propane? Click here for our blog

• Heating time: 20 minutes
• Recommended fuel: LPG gas or Natural Gas
• Max oven temperature: 1,000oF +
• Heat Capacity: 71,000 BTU/hr
• Chimney dimensions: 5.9”
• Cooking Floor W x D: 27.5” x 19.7”
• Oven Floor Area: 3.77 ft2
• Weight: Top only 215 lbs

Accessories To Complete the Outdoor Cooking Experience

BRIO oven ships LPG with parts to convert to NG
Base has a stainless-steel front panel to hide LPG tank,
black handle and 4 professional casters with brakes.
Weighs as little as 70 lbs and is available in Black.

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Love the Brio

We were looking for the final piece for our patio and we came across this Alfa Brio and just love it. We are having so much fun planning and making our pies. As a competitive couple, we like to make our own a nd share, well safe to say my last "basic pepperoni" was a winner. I made my own dough, used a artisan pepperoni and it was so great! This oven is so much fun, we love having it!

Andrea ponschab
Excellent quality pizza oven

I purchased this Brio for my husband as a birthday gift. Well I hit it out of the park! He loves looking up the recipes, watching the YouTube videos and then making me and our friends his new styles of pizza! Turns out it was a win-win, I’m eating some amazing meals and he’s having a blast!

Love this Beautiful Oven

This arrived and now the outdoor kitchen is complete. This really does make our patio come together and we are getting so much more flavor when we cook on this rather than the now neglected BBQ. We have done Salmon, Steaks, lots of pizza nights and I am so happy with this Brio. It is the perfect size and holds heat so steady and cooks evenly it makes cooking outside so much fun!

Michelle Kirk
Good Pizza Oven

I bought this Alfa because it is a hybrid pizza oven, well turns out it does everything I wanted and more. I am able to cook the pizzas for our family of four easily and we do it together as a family which was my goal. very happy with this pizza oven.