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Alfa Stone Large Pizza Oven Propane or Natural Gas 70,000 BTU 4 Pizza

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The Stone oven brings along a new Alfa Forni concept, a “bellissimo” design and the working of steel. You can place it on the Alfa table with its anti-scratch feet. It can literally cook any dish, from pizza to meat through vegetables and desserts. For slow cooking, you can monitor the food by looking through the glass door.

The Stone is a truly professional pizza oven for home use. Let the best of Made in Italy come to your home!

  • Outdoor oven to cook 2 pizzas at once in just 60 seconds.
  • These ovens come ready for BOTH Natural Gas and Propane
  • The oven floor is made of Alfa refractory bricks.
  • The 441 stainless-steel dome enables the oven to reach very high temperatures with low firewood consumption.
  • The ceramic fiber insulation keeps the heat for a long time.
  • The 4 satin steel anti-scratch leveling feet are adjustable up to 2.75 inches.
  • The panoramic ceramic glass door allows you to keep an eye on dishes needing longer cooking times.
  • The pyrometer measures the oven temperature up to 1 832°F.
  • Plug and play: connect it to the gas line and start cooking!
  • The 304 stainless-steel front is bent and hand-worked piece by piece by Alfa's skilled workers.
  • ANSI Certified
  • In Stock and ready to ship Same day or next day! Customer service direct through Smokey Mountain Fireplaces
    The Alfa Stone is the High end Brushed Chrome Pizza oven with all the technology of a commercial oven. The Stone Large and All New 2 Pizze is now a part of the Stone Line! Brand new in 2023 


        General Weight & Dimensions - LARGE FXSTONE-L

        • Download Dimension PDF
        • Heating time: 15 minutes
        • Pizza Capacity: 4
        • Recommended fuel: Natural Gas or Propane Gas
        • Max oven temperature: 1,000 F
        • Cooking Floor W x D: 31.5” x 23.6”
        • Total Cooking Area: 743.5 Sq. Inches
        • Weight: Top only 312 lbs
        • Order the Hybrid kit to enjoy the wood fired flavor as well! HYBRID KIT

        Accessories To Complete the Outdoor Cooking Experience


        Alfa ovens are covered by a 2-year parts warranty against defects in manufacturing, effective from the original date of purchase and applicable for properly installed and maintained ovens. Excludes ovens used for commercial purposes.

        Blog Post on how to convert from Natural Gas to Propane 

        Click here for  the Alfa Stone User Manual and Data Sheet

        Customer Reviews

        Based on 3 reviews
        Arrived so fast and this is a GREAT PIZZA OVEN

        I ordered it and it got to my home in less than a week. had the guys over to help set it up and we were cooking pizzas that day! it was great. Love love this Medium Stone its perfect for our family of four. it has been so much fun

        Graham Wilson
        Alfa Stone is the best of the best

        I have had a few pizza ovens, but I am serious about cooking and they would not hold the heat. The alfa Stone is the one, I mean it. it is top tier, it heats up fast, evenly, and cooks things with a flavor I had been looking for but couldn't get it with the little travel ovens.
        This and the stand combo was just what I needed to make my outdoor kitchen complete. I don't think the BBQ is going to get much attention from now on.

        Gary wells
        Big oven for the big jobs

        We like to have parties and entertain. So I ordered this thinking it would be fun for “every once in a while”
        Turns out we use it every time. We just over it. The flavor and the speed it cooks things.
        Nothing better. Our friends have also order one as well.
        I’m so happy with this oven and it has made our patio THE place to be. It’s beautiful and functional.
        Prepping all these for tomorrow to be cooked to perfection. 100% recommend this Pizza Oven!!