The Classico 4 Pizze with Prep table and all the fixings ready to cook with gas. This is the Best of the best for the Gas and Wood Pizza Ovens on the market.
TRUE HYBRID LOOK CLOSELY how the Hybrid wood burning capabilities help enhance the flavor Alfa 4 Pizze Classico is the Largest of the premium Stainless Steel pizza Ovens.
This is the 4 pizze Alfa Pizza oven with the stand
Cooking with the Alfa 4 Pizze with wood and the Alfa Red 48

Alfa 4 Pizze Classico Line Gas Hybrid Pizza Oven-Fired Pizza Oven In Ardesia Grey

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As a customer of Smokey Mountain we feel that you should pay NO Cost for shipping for any items to the lower 48 states as long as your order is over $350.
How fast do your Alfa Ship?
can ship our Alfa Pizza Ovens Same Day or next day depending on time of order and availability. We try our hardest to have them in stock, and get a freight carrier lined up as fast as possible.
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No Sales tax will be charged to your order unless it goes to California.
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Product Description

Alfa FXCL-4P-MGRA-U Classico 4 Pizze Gas-Fired Pizza Oven In Ardesia Grey
4 Pizze from the Classico line by Alfa, with its even more spacious cooking chamber allows you to churn out up to 4 pizzas in just 90 seconds and 4 kg of bread per baking, with consistently impeccable results. The 4 Pizze oven is available in either the wood or gas version and thanks to the Hybrid Kit you can also choose to cook using wood in your gas oven. The different fuel options offer you multiple possibilities to create endless dishes and numerous recipes. ranging from first courses to desserts. The stainless steel vault allows you to quickly reach the working temperature and keep it constant and, thanks to the precious ceramic fibre insulation, fuel consumption is reduced to a minimum. The dedicated base with wheels allows you to comfortably move your pizza oven to any corner of the garden you want, when organising your outdoor dinners.

Key Features

  • 31 x 24 Inch Cooking Floor
  • 4 Pizza Capacity
  • HeatGenius Technology
  • 1000 Degree F Max Temperature
  • 30 Minute Heating Time
  • Ardesia Grey Finish


Wood, Gas or Hybrid?
Choose the type of fuel supply that best suits your needs.
Wood has an indisputable charm and has always been the choice of fuel for lovers of traditional dishes. It is ideal if you like to cook outdoors and it gives dishes that particular scent of wood.
Practical and fast, gas is the best fuel for those who do not want to waste time and get straight to the point. It represents a valid solution if you want to obtain great results with extreme simplicity.
If you’re the type that wants a bit of both, Alfa has created the Hybrid Kit that allows you to transform your gas oven into a wood-burning oven. In this way, you decide from time to time which fuel to use for your recipes.
The secret to tasting pizza at home like in a pizzeria? Alfa's innovative HeatGenius technology.
In order to allow you to cook a pizza as good as your favourite restaurant, Alfa researchers have developed the innovative Heat Genius™ technology, thanks to which the sauce cooks at one temperature and the dough at another, thus achieving the perfect balance. This is because in all Alfa Heat Genius™ ovens, the heat is slowly released from the refractory brick and irradiated evenly throughout the oven’s curved walls. In this way, sauces can cook faster, releasing some of their moisture, and the base of the pizza becomes crispy and soft at the right point without burning. The intelligence found in Alfa pizza ovens of the Classico line allows you to cook a real Neapolitan pizza in your home garden, offering a cooking performance that has nothing to envy with professional models. Making pizza has never been easier: make the dough, use the condiments you prefer and the Alfa ovens’ Heat Genius™ technology will cook it to perfection every time!

Alfa Heat Genius Technology Trio
HeatKeeper Refractory Brick
The Heat Keeper™brick, is produced entirely at the Alfa plant in Italy. It absorbs and stores heat much better than lava stone or ceramic used in other home pizza ovens.Thanks to the HeatKeeper™ refractory brick, the pizza oven floor quickly cooks your pizzas making them crisp and soft at the right point.

DoubleDown Ceramic Superwool Insulation
This particular ceramic fibre offers twice as much heat resistance compared to rock wool normally used in home pizza ovens.The DoubleDown Ceramic Superwool® guarantees excellent temperature resistance when cooking on all the Alfa Classico line ovens. It also prevents the side surfaces from overheating and allows you to churn out consistently well-cooked pizzas with reduced consumption.

Patented Full Effect Full Circulation Flue System
This system optimizes the circulation of hot air inside the cooking chamber, so as to heat the refractory brick even more and cook your pizzas even better.The heat pushed “around and down” ensures that the oven consistently maintains the right temperature, so as to optimally cook both the base and the toppings of the pizza.

What makes an Alfa Heat Genius pizza oven so special?
The 4 Pizze oven by Alfa represents the perfect combination of tradition and modernity: soft and classic lines enclose the most advanced technology, to consistently offer you optimal results. The refractory top and the stainless steel vault ensure that the oven can reach temperatures of up to 500° C in a few minutes, allowing you to replicate the typical cooking of the wood-burning ovens found in pizzerias. You’ll be able to cook an excellent Neapolitan pizza in just 90 seconds or roasts, focaccia bread, lasagne and vegetables that are always cooked to perfection. Like all Alfa ovens, 4 Pizze is designed in detail to offer you excellent performance, reduced consumption and maximum durability.
5 Features That Distinguish Alfa Ovens

  • Construction of the Forninox™ steel cooking chamber
  • OptiDome semi-sphere design
  • Shell with double layer of powder coating
  • “Ready-to-use” technology
  • Sidefire Gas Burner

The new base of the 4 Pizze Ovens
The new base is higher than the previous one, this will allow you to work more comfortably on your 4 Pizze oven. The finish, painted with 7 layers at high temperature, is designed to be beautiful aesthetically and durable over time. The convenient shelf which the base is equipped with is designed to help you reduce the space in your terrace or garden. Assembling the base of the 4 Pizze oven by Alfa is quite simple: just screw the 4 legs on the shelf, mount the 4 wheels and place the oven on top, making sure to fix the 4 feet onto the base of the oven.

Details that Make A Difference

  • Hole for screwing the oven feet of the top version to the base
  • Convenient packaging and easy to carry
  • Shelf for wood or gas cylinder
  • Stainless steel panel
  • Black Epoxy Resin Handle
  • 4 professional wheels with brake

4 Pizze by Alfa: The practical & compact outdoor pizza oven
The timeless design, the latest technology and the use of quality Italian materials make the 4 Pizze oven by Alfa the ideal tool to let your creativity run free in the kitchen.

  • It is a compact outdoor pizza oven with a traditional and elegant design that can be integrated into any space.
  • It features advanced Alfa Heat Genius™ technology
  • The size of the cooking chamber allows you to conveniently cook 2 pizzas in 90 seconds and 2 kg of bread per baking.
  • It can be mounted on a trolley with side handle, equipped with wheels, which makes it easy and light to move around.
  • The hob consists of interchangeable refractory bricks.
  • The stainless steel vault makes it possible to reach temperatures ranging up to 500° C in a few minutes.
  • The ceramic fibre insulation enables you to keep the heat inside the oven for a long time, allowing you to save on fuel.
  • The stainless steel door is equipped with an ergonomic handle for easy opening of the oven mouth without risking burning.
  • The pyrometer helps you know the cooking chamber temperature accurately.
  • The stainless steel front facilitates cleaning and if you wish you can add the ledge as a particularly useful accessory to place trays and food on.
  • The base of the oven has a convenient shelf where you can stack the wood, or place the gas cylinder according to the type of your oven’s fuel supply.
  • Assembly is quick and easy.Thanks to the Gas Kit you can easily connect your oven to the gas cylinder, while in the model powered by wood you just need to insert the flue and you are ready to cook.

Customer Reviews

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Dave Barbour
Alfa 4 Pizze

I have not yet installed this oven. The Outdoor Kitchen is expected to be ready for installation Mid- December. I will say that dialing with Smokey Mountain Fireplaces was an amazing experience. Everything was delivered as promised They kept me fully informed on the status of the items on back order I will not hesitate to recommend them to anyone.