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ALFA 4Pizze Wood Fire Pizza Oven

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Pizzaa Oven with Stand


šŸ• Cooks Four 10" Pizzas at Once
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ANSI CertifiedĀ Product


This wood-fired pizza oven isĀ ideal for outdoor patios, gardens and ever expanding friends and family.Ā Featuring a unique design with built-in lateral shelves and peel holder. SomethingĀ refreshingly different in the world of pizza ovens.

Optional oven base stand is available here.

The large dimensions and mouth are ideal for cooking up to 4 pizzas in 90 seconds, and 4 kg of bread with every oven load. This is a great wood-firedĀ outdoor oven that can even beĀ featured on balconies, terraces or your favorite patio. Add in the refractory floor and your oven is builtĀ to the standards of aĀ professional oven.

The stainless steel dome is built to rapidly reach operating temperature. Ceramic fiber insulation maintains long-lasting warmth and cuts down on wood consumption for cooking efficiency.

This oven is fitted with some extremelyĀ handy stainless steel lateral shelves. Perfect for holding your oven trays, ingredients, dishes and all your cooking accessories.Ā Add inĀ the built-in peel holder, and your most important tool is only an arm length away!


  • The oven floor is made of interchangeable refractory tiles, each 3 cm thick, designed to store heat, then release it to food for cooking.
  • Wood-firedĀ outdoor oven with stainless steel dome built to reach high temperatures while consuming very little wood.
  • Ceramic fiber insulation ensures long-lasting warmth inside the oven.
  • The oven is fitted with aĀ pyrometer. Perfect for keeping an eye on theĀ cooking chamberā€™sĀ average temperature.
  • The large door has a double ergonomic wooden handle for a firm grip. The oven draught can easily be regulated by moving the door.
  • The built-in rear castors allow you to quickly move the wood-fired oven to wherever you wish.
  • It comes with a convenient peel holder to store your favorite tools for cooking over a wood fire.
  • The size of the functional side shelves, which enhance the 4 Pizze ovenā€™s design, are built to conveniently accommodate your favorite preparation and cooking tools.
  • Quick and easy assembly. When the 4 PizzeĀ mobile wood fired oven is delivered to your home,Ā quickly insert the flue and assemble the side shelves with a few screws and you're ready to cook!


General Weight & Dimensions:

  • Heating time: 10-20 minutes
  • Recommended fuel: Wood or lump charcoal
  • Max oven temperature: 1,000Ā°F+
  • Chimney dimensions: 5.9ā€
  • Cooking Floor W x D: 31.5ā€ x 23.6ā€
  • Cooking Floor Height: 36.0ā€
  • Oven Mouth width: 26.7ā€
  • Weight: Top only 264 lbs - with base 308 lbs

Accessories To Complete the Outdoor Cooking Experience


Alfa ovens are covered by a 2-year parts warranty against defects in manufacturing, effective from the original date of purchase and applicable for properly installed and maintained ovens. Excludes ovens used for commercial purposes.

ALFA Ovens: Made in Italy

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Loving our Alfa 4 Pizze Wood Fired pizza oven!!

After my numerous phone calls asking questions, I finally ordered my Pizza oven! (Thank you, Brad, for your patience in answering all of my questions!) I ordered my Pizza Oven With the stand, which is the way to go if you want a stand to put it on! My Pizza Oven arrived 3 days later!!! OMG, this Pizza Oven is the best! It arrived in a huge crate, ready to unwrap, put the chimney on, attach the side selves, wheel into place and it was ready to fire up! The oven was extremely easy to light with kiln dried wood, and it made a huge difference to put the oven door on an angle to get the best draw. Follow the lighting instructions that came with the oven. Perfect Pizza šŸ• in 90 seconds! Iā€™m also loving roasting veggies and have tried Salmon with good success as well!

Iā€™ve mastered 2 pizzas at a time in the oven, but 3 is a bit more challenging to keep them all moving, but Iā€™m convinced Iā€™ll get the hang of it. My pizza dough recipe is always a success for a perfect Margarita pizza!
Just Order it, you wonā€™t be disappointed!

Great oven. So happy with it and the service

Well Iā€™m amazed first with the service I got from Smokey Mountain Fireplaces. Then I also realized I got the best price ever for this, I saw a guy locally selling his used for more than I paid to have it shipped to my door. I asked him why, he said he paid $1,500 more than me for the same exact 4 Pizze and stand.
The pizza oven is great. Definitely recommend to all my friends and family

Andy Cline
Exceeded my expectations

This is such a well built oven I am keeping it inside when not in use because itā€™s too beautiful to leave in our nasty weather. I have the stand I purchased with it, which works perfect for moving it inside when Iā€™m done. Great quality caster wheels to handle this beast.
This exceeded my expectations in every way!!

4Pizze has been perfect for our patio

We built our patio and then added this thinking that this would be something we would use on occasion but turns out we use it several times a week and has been a fun way to entertain our friends.
This Pizza oven is not only beautiful it works better than I could imagine, it cook sour pizza, Salmon and Sourdough fast and evenly with flavor i didn't expect to be so great!
we did our own venting and have it in our covered patio area. We have been able to use the space for couples dates and entertaining as well as a couple outdoor movies. Very happy with the entire process, Smokey Mountain was very helpful and the product arrived quickly and the quality far exceeded expectations!!