Alfa CAIOm Wood Fire Pizza Oven

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๐Ÿ• Cooks One 10" to 12" Pizza at Once
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Step up your backyard pizza game with the powerful Alfa Ciao pizza oven. With a refractory floor and stainless steel dome, this oven has enough space to cook two pizzas at a time so you can easily feed a crowd. The Ciao wood-fired oven reaches cooking temperatures in just 15 minutes, and perfectly cooks a Neapolitan style pizza in 90-seconds.

The design of this outdoor oven is impeccable. On the door is an ergonomic wood handle which allows you to check your fire and food and make adjustments while cooking. The powder coated exterior means this unit is not only durable, it looks great as well.

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  • Easy to assemble โ€“ insert the flue, screw the legs on
  • Stainless steel and powder coat withstand high temps
  • Stainless dome enables oven to reach high temperatures with low fuel consumption
  • Window in door allows you to monitor food as it cooks
  • Double layer ceramic fiber insulation contains heat and prevents external frame from overheating
  • Fuel: hardwood logs, 2โ€ diameter maximum
  • Fuel consumption: 5.5lbs/hour
  • Reaches cooking temperature within 15 minutes
  • Max temperature: 1000ยฐF
  • Refractory oven floor to gradually absorb and release heat
  • Oven floor dimensions: 27.5โ€ x 15.7โ€
  • Dimensions when assembled: 35.9โ€ wide x 46.5โ€ tall x 25โ€ deep
  • Dimensions when assembled on cart: 46.4โ€ wide x 71.2โ€ tall x 33.5โ€ deep
  • 176lbs top only, 209lbs on cart
  • Made in Italy

Leg Stands - available in two colors.ย  ย Adds portability and convenience to your outdoor pizza oven. Designed to affix directly onto the Alfa Ciao pizza oven, this cart has easy-to-roll wheels and a sleek design.ย