Scandinavian Style Fireplace Mid century Modern Fireplace Floating Wood Burning Fireplace. This Is Similar to the Invicta Kazan and Invicta Preston Fireplace. Like the Focus the KFD Whitney is high heat with a bse stand that is included
KFD Whitney Is one of the hottest burning stoves sold in the US. Large Face Free Standing Wood Burning Stove. Floating fireplace the same style as the Invicta Nelson. Scandinavian Style Fireplace Mid century Modern Fireplace
Freestanding Stove with base for wood storage this is the hand Made KFD Sto max. the Whitney by KFD is one of the best cast iron stoves for heating you home, cabin or barndominium
The cut in half view of how your KFD is made and the layers that it uses to be more efficient - KFD Large Face Free Standing Wood Burning Stove. Floating fireplace the same style as the Invicta Nelson. Scandinavian Style Fireplace Mid century Modern Fireplace
Free Standing Fireplace and Mid Century Modern style
Dimensions in Metric for the KFD STO M17 Free Standing Fireplace and Mid Century Modern style

KFD Whitney Wood Burning Fireplace with Base Stand Included- Scandinavian Style Handmade Fireplace

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Product Description

The Cast Iron KFD Whitney Cast Iron Wood Burning Stove is the one of the best wood burning stoves available. Handmade in Poland this fireplace is built to last. The Sleek Scandinavian Style mixed with hand made craftsmanship gives you a fireplace that is highly efficient and also beautiful and modern. This Fireplace is similar to the Invicta Kazan Grand Angle our Whitney (STO m14) is the perfect combination of modern with the strength of cast iron. This unit is both powerful and the large glass door gives you a generous view of the flames. You will not find many freestanding fireplace that can truly produce more heat. 

The heat output for the KFD Whitney is at 100,000 btu's Able to heat well over 2500 SF.

Base Stand is included with this unit- This freestanding fireplace is great for almost any application, Cabins, Living rooms and barndominiums because of the high heat output and high efficiency the application options are endless.

Hand made in Poland by KFD this unit is made to order specifically for you. Working with our small family business here at Smokey Mountain Fireplaces, we will be in contact with you and the Manufacturer KFD to setup free shipping to your home. Shipping generally takes about 5 weeks, unless you are wanting rush shipping and that gets it down to about 1.5 to 2 weeks. This Fireplace was created to replace the Invicta Preston Wood burning fireplace that is not available anymore. 



total dimensions, height x width x depth 894x691x470 [mm]

Face (front) dimensions, width x height 691x531 [mm]

front glass dimensions, width x height - 578x404 [mm]

side glass dimensions, width x height- No Side Glass

maximum log lenght 50 [cm]

internal/external smoke flue diameter 160 / 180 [mm]

air inlet diameter -100 * [mm]

weight -180 [kg]


energy efficiency class


direct heat output (nominal power)

8,5 [kW]

heating power range

6,0 - 15,0 [kW]

energy efficiency index

107,0 [EEI]

energy efficiency at nominal heat output

80,0 [%]

seasonal space heating energy efficiency

70,0 [%]

CO emission at 13% O2

0,08 [%]
993 [mg/Nm3]

dust emission at 13% O2

11 [mg/Nm3]

OGC at 13% O2

59 [mg/Nm3]

NOX emission at 13% O2

97 [mg/Nm3]

flue gas mass flow

7,95 [g/s]

average smoke temperature at smoke outlet

258 [°C]

minimum chimney draft

12 [Pa]

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