Yellow Malm MCM Firepalce is a B-Vent Gas (LP or NG) This one here is the log kit that comes from napoleon.Not Available for Wood burning. BUT isn't it beautiful. The Yellow is a Powder Coated by Tiger colors and just doesn't work with the heat that wood burning kicks out. but we have some other bright and beautiful colors for your wood burning fireplaces. this is a B VENT
The Wood Burning MALM Zircon High Sierra. This can be used indoor or outdoor
Copper Malm wood Burning fireplace with the Patina on it
Gloss Black Wood Burning Malm Fireplace. This one has the matte black base rather than the purchased matching base by Smokey Mountain Fireplaces
This is the Matte Black Malm Zircon 34
This is the Electric Version of the malm Zircon - 120V plug in- that is why there is no Duravent or Malm made box in the ceiling. but this is the same style as the wood burning- but the wood burning will have a screen for sparks
Terra Cotta Malm Fireplace by Smokey Mountain Fireplaces. This is a Custom Made Mid Century Modern Fireplace in Terracotta. we also have Camel color which is a little lighter and of course see the other Porcelain Colors
White Wood Burning MALM Fireplace - Made to order wiht Matching Flue. You get 8' of flue and fireplace. if you have a higher ceiling please add more flue we will be sure it is paint matched.
Beautiful Blue Porcelain Custom Made Wood Burning Malm Fireplace
The Dimensions of the 34
This is clearances to walls, combustibles and non combustibles for a sidewall or corner setting of you MCM Fireplace by Malm. Scandinavian style
Stainless Steel Custom Made fireplace by Malm. this hand made unit is custom order steel and is hand made for our customers. This Scandinavian Style Fireplace is one of a kind and works great as well
Porcelain colors options for the wood burning malm fireplaces
this is a freshly installed 30
Malm Zircon White with White Matching Base and 90 degree Elbow for the Chimney Flue Pipe on thie Mid Century Modern Cone Fireplace by MALM The Zircon high Sierras Fireplace is  scandinavian style

Malm 34” Zircon Freestanding Wood Burning Fireplace

$5,900.00 $4,127.00 SAVE 30%

Finish: Matte Black

Matte Black
Porcelain - Almond
Porcelain - Ash
Porcelain - Gloss Black
Porcelain - Blue
Porcelain - Camel
Porcelain - Clay
Porcelain - Forest Green
Porcelain - Slate Gray
Porcelain - Terra Cotta
Porcelain - White
Copper Custom Made
Stainless Steel
Medium Blue
Mint Green
Lemon Yellow
Baby Blue
Is there a cost for shipping?
As a customer of Smokey Mountain we feel that you should pay NO Cost for shipping for any items to the lower 48 states as long as your order is over $350.
How fast do the MALM MCM fireplaces Ship?
These fireplaces are hand crafted in the USA, and each one is custom made to order, they take 5-7 months to be made and completed then ship direct to your door.
Are the EPA certified?
As open-hearth fireplaces not air-tight stoves they are not EPA certified.
Is there any sales tax added to my order?
No Sales tax will be charged to your order unless it goes to California.
Can you ship to Alaska or Hawaii?
Yes we will gladly help get your large freight item (Fireplace, Pizza Oven MCM ect) to AK or HI just ask that you pay the extra cost to ship from the lower 48 to AK or HI. Feel Free to call or email brad for assistance. We are happy to help on this, and have done it a lot.
Product Description

About Malm Fireplaces

Malm began making fireplaces in 1960. Malm fireplaces are designed and manufactured in California's Sonoma County near the famed wine country. Modern or traditional designs are available, designed with solid craftsmanship and quality materials.

Our freestanding fireplaces are perfect for today's busy lifestyles. Traditional masonry brick fireplaces take hours to heat the mass of bricks and waste much of the heat. Malm fireplaces heat up rapidly and radiate heat efficiently in all directions. Unlike traditional wood-burning fireplaces, our fireplaces allow you a clear view of your fire from any angle and are available in a range of designer colors.

Malm's selection of architect-designed fireplaces is available in a variety of porcelain colors, brass, stainless, nickel, copper-plated, or matte black finish.

Malm also designs and creates custom fireplaces. Designs include larger size models of the standard units to large units constructed with exotic metal finishes and glass.


A larger version of the 30" Zircon. Modern in design, this conical-shaped fireplace radiates warmth and cheer into the room.

Includes lift-off screen, and three sections of 8 x 24" pipe. May be used with an optional M-16 Grate.


  • Matte Black
  • Porcelain Colors - Almond, Ash, Black, Blue, Camel, Clay, Forest Green, Slate Gray, Terra Cotta, White


Model Name
34" Zircon
Fuel Type Wood Burning
Connector size 8"
Overall Height 96"
Weight 175 lbs.
Clearance to Combustible Wall
Tested to UL737 & ULC-S627-00 - USA & Canada

96" 34" 30.5" 8" 26" 49" 10" 16" 32" 19"


  • Limited 5-year warranty through Malm
  • Tested to U/L Standards 737
  • Malm Warranty does not cover if the fireplace is used outdoors or in outdoor exposure


Material List Included with the Zircon 34 is the following:

  • 1 - 8 x 24 damper pipe
  • 1 - 8 x 24 pipe section
  • 1 - 8 x 24 slip section pipe 

Safety Notice

  • Do not install this unit in a mobile home.
  • If this fireplace is not properly installed, a house fire may result. To reduce the risk of fire, follow the installation instructions. Contact local building or fire officials about restrictions and installation inspection requirements in your area.
  • This stove must be connected to (1) a chimney complying with the requirements for Type HT chimneys in the Standard for Chimneys, Factory-Built, Residential Type and Building Heating Appliance, UL 103, or (2) a code-approved masonry chimney with a flue liner.
  • Please read this entire manual before you install and use your new fireplace. Failure to follow instructions may result in property damage, bodily injury, or even death.
  • Never store or allow papers, kindling, firewood, or any other combustibles within 48 inches of the unit.

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Chase Mancito

This arrived by being delivered directly to our home - it took almost exactly 6 months from the date of ordering it to arrive at ours. So very happy with how it turned out, the photos don't quite do it justice

justine Davenport
Love this fireplace so easy to install

We got this fireplace and decided we did not want to bring a contractor in. That ended up being fine. the malm showed up - BEAUTIFUL, had a book of instructions and we were able to call Brad and ask about this Malm Creat- which was neat - we mix it with water and put it in the bottom of our new Malm to solidify. then hooked up our flue pipe to the box. Easy took us an afternoon. SO HAPPY with it.