Malm B Vent Ignition Trouble shooting

Malm B Vent Ignition Trouble shooting

If you have a Malm Zircon or Firedrum you will find that they work very well and they are very low maintenance.

On occasion you may need to change batteries

but if you have an ignitor issue please try some of these things


For the spark ignitor: 
He said to unscrew the cap, there is a battery in there. He recommends replacing that battery to see if that helps the issue.
When lighting the pilot, turn the knob on the valve to the pilot position. Push the ignitor button and that should ignite the pilot - when you feel it ignite, keep the knob on that position for at least 1-2 minutes. 
After the 1-2 minutes, turn knob slowly to the ON position (don't leave in pilot)
For the unit shutting down:
There is a high temperature switch in the top of the unit under the first piece of pipe. It is a possibility the unit could be overheating and shutting down. 
After 10 mins or so - it will reset and can be lit again.
If the shutting down continues, he recommends having someone lift up that first piece of pipe, take the two wires off the switch and connect them together to bypass that switch.