BBQ Maverick 1250 850 and 200 wifi module
 Pellet Grill from the factory after an easy assembly Made in America and made with quality materials and craftsmanship
SOLID Steel Grates that are made in America to last
iOS and Android compatible Control and monitor the temperature of the grill Control and monitor the set point of the meat probe Turn the grill off Monitor and control features over WiFi or the cloud Module works on Maverick 850, 1250, and 2000
Maverick Pellet Grill with WiFi
 Pitts and Spitts U-WIFI-MODULE Pitts & Spitts Wifi Module For Maverick Series Pellet Grill BBQ Maverick 1250 850 and 200 wifi module
Drain is set up for an easy clean. the Pitts and Spitts is Texas Designed and tested to make your grilling life easy.
WIFI Temp stick helps you keep the meat temps monitored
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Pitts & Spitts Wifi Module For Maverick 850 1250 and 2000 Series Pellet Grill - U-WIFI-MODULE

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Product Description


 Made in the USA This Pellet Grill is made to last with Texas heritage and quality. 

The carbon steel cooking chamber is made of 7 and 10 gauge carbon steel. This grill comes standard with our signature 304 stainless steel lid and work shelf.

Key Features

  • WiFi Module can be added after purchase of grill
  • iOS and Android compatible
  • Module works on Maverick 850, 1250, and 2000 models
  • Control and monitor the temperature of the grill and monitor the set point of the meat probe
  • Monitor and control features over WiFi or the cloud and turn the grill off

U- WiFi Module -- Pitts & Spitts WiFi Module for Maverick Series Pellet Grill


Thermometer Type Wi-Fi Thermometer
Grill Model Maverick 850/1250/2000
Grill Type Pellet Grills & Smokers


Width 2"
Depth 1"
Height 2"
Weight 1 lbs



Heavy duty construction

The Maverick 1250 I tested has a carbon steel cooking chamber. They also offer a completely stainless steel version that is way more expensive. But you’ll never have to worry about rust! Either way, the cooking barrel is made of 7 gauge steel, which is thicker than what you find on most pellet cookers (for instance, the cooking chamber of the Yoder YS640, another premium pellet grill, is made of slightly thinner 10 gauge steel). That gauge matters. Thicker steel retains heat better, delivers more heat, and recovers heat better, giving the smoker an edge at maintaining a steady temperature throughout the cooking. Better heat retention also means better efficiency because you’re using less fuel.

Pitts & Spitts doesn’t cut corners on other parts, either. The deflector plate over the firepot is made of 7 gauge steel. The drip pan is 10 gauge, and the work table, smokestack and various parts are constructed with solid steel as well. All those steel parts to help spread and maintain the heat very evenly throughout the smoker. Overall, you’re looking at 7 and 10 gauge steel in this cooker, compared to slightly thinner 10, 14 or 16 gauge steel in other premium pellet grills. The Maverick is built like a tank.

The heavy deflector plate separates the fuel from the grease. And the drip pan over the deflector plate sits on an angle, directing drippings to a nice big grease chamber on the right. You actuate grease cleanout with a brass ball valve, another nice touch that allows you to open the valve as much or as little as you like for precise control of the airflow, and the grease flow.

Two cooking grates rest on welded rails and slide out easily for a total cooking area of 1250 square inches (the larger Maverick 2000 has 3 cooking grates). I’m not crazy about expanded metal grates for cooking. I prefer cooking on steel rods. But the diamond grates are okay and pretty standard on heavy duty smokers like this one. It’s just takes a little more elbow grease to get them clean.


How hard is it to put together this heavy-duty smoker? Not very. The Maverick arrived bolted to a shipping pallet and wood frame constructed by the manufacturer. When installing the WiFi Thermometer please see instructions and note it is as easy as a bolt on item to your American Made BBQ grill

Under the shipping wrap, all the edges were protected with thick Styrofoam buffers. The packaging was very solid and there was no damage during shipping. Assembly consists of bolting on the wheels and attaching the work shelf. Place the deflector plate and drip pan in place, and you’re ready to fire up. For the initial startup procedure, you run it empty at 375ºF for 30 minutes and spray it with oil to season the interior like you would a cast-iron pan. Once that’s done, you never have to do it again. the MAV1250 is one of the most versatile smokes with the most bang for your buck 

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