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ALFA Ovens Italian Made Cooking Tools

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Pizza Peel, to put the pizza in the oven, with its wooden
handle and stainless steel structure, guarantees
robustness, cleanliness and easy-handling. Its rounded
edge makes putting pizza in the oven a snap.

Pizza turner/round peel is lightweight, sturdy and easy
to handle.

Ember Rake allows you to prepare the oven floor and to
move the ash, embers and burning wood to the side.

Brush is equipped with brass bristles which make for
effective cleaning and more importantly, preserving
the refractory floor.

The tools are available in two sizes. 36” and 48” 

Vela Peel Holder

  • Stores outdoor pizza oven tools upright for quick access
  • Durable powder-coated finish, suitable for use indoors or outdoors
  • Holds up to 4 tools
  • Peels not included

Store and keep your outdoor oven tools within reach with the Alfa Vela peel holder. Suitable for indoor and outdoor use, the Vela is finished in a durable copper-color powder-coat finish and stores up to 4 peels upright for easy access. Peels are not included with this stand.


Since 1977, Alfa has been in the business of creating memories and authentic Italian cuisine with help from a design team that is continuously redefining the concept of luxury wood-fired ovens. With robust construction and premium materials, Alfa places focus not only on a lifestyle, but on performance as well. Alfa Ovens are developed right outside of Rome, ensuring that each and every product oozes Italian influence and tradition. Bring Italy home with help from one the most influential pizza oven manufacturers in the world.

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