Alfa Nano Moderno 1 Gas-Fired Pizza Oven In Copper

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can ship our Alfa Pizza Ovens Same Day or next day depending on time of order and availability. We try our hardest to have them in stock, and get a freight carrier lined up as fast as possible.
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Product Description

Alfa FXMD-S-GRAM-U Nano Moderno 1 Gas-Fired Pizza Oven In Copper

Discover 1 Pizza, the compact oven with an unmistakable Alfa design.

With its unmistakable Alfa design, the 1 Pizza oven from the Moderno line has a compact structure and weighs only 50 kg.It is ideal for those who want high cooking performance and the possibility to cook multiple dishes, while having little space available.

Ready to use in just a few minutes, 1 Pizza by Alfa reaches temperatures up to 500°C and manages to make an authentic Neapolitan pizza in just 90 seconds.Like all Alfa ovens, the 1 Pizza model is also equipped with the innovative Heat Genius™ technology that guarantees superior performance and reduced consumption.

Available in both a gas and wood version, this practical and versatile pizza oven can be easily moved anywhere, thanks to its base which is equipped with professional wheels. Despite the oven’s small size, 1 Pizza by Alfa allows you to try your hand with different types of cooking: baked, grilled and even barbecue thanks to the BBQ 500 accessory so as to consistently make your dinners with friends delicious and original.


  • Wood or Gas Oven?
    Choose the type of fuel supply that's right for you.
    • Wood
      Wood has always been the best fuel for those who love tradition and strong flavours. Ideal for those who love the outdoors and like to “get their hands dirty”.
    • Gas
      Practical and fast, gas is the best solution if you want to obtain great results with extreme simplicity or if you do cannot use wood due to the regulations in force in your geographical area.
  • The secret to savouring pizzas at home like in a pizzeria?
    Alfa’s innovative Heat Genius™ technology
  • In order to allow you to cook a pizza at home just as good as that of your favourite restaurant, Alfa researchers have developed the innovative Heat Genius™ technology thanks to which the sauce cooks at one temperature and the dough at another, resulting in each pizza being consistently fragrant and well cooked. This is because heat is slowly released from the refractory stone and irradiated evenly through the oven’s curved walls. In this way, the condiments can cook faster, releasing even part of their moisture, and the dough becomes crispy without burning, thus reaching the perfect balance. Although it is smaller, the 1 Pizza oven from the Moderno line by Alfa is made with Alfa Heat Genius™ technology. This innovation allows you to churn out a real Neapolitan pizza on your home balcony with reduced consumption; just 2 kg of wood will be enough for the entire evening. Making pizzas has never been easier: prepare the dough, use the condiments you prefer and the Heat Genius™ technology by Alfa ovens will cook it to perfection every time!
  • Alfa Heat Genius Technology Trio
    • HeatKeeper Refractory Brick
      Produced at the Alfa plant in Italy, the Heat Keeper™ brick absorbs and stores heat much better than lava stone or ceramic used in other pizza ovens. Thanks to the HeatKeeper™ refractory brick, the base of the oven quickly cooks your pizzas, making them crunchy and soft at the right point
    • DoubleDown Ceramic Superwool Insulation
      This ceramic fibre offers twice as much heat resistance compared to rock wool which is usually used in home pizza ovens.The DoubleDown Ceramic Superwool® guarantees excellent temperature resistance during cooking, prevents side surfaces from getting too hot and allows you to consistently make well cooked pizzas.
    • Full Effect Full Circulation Flue System Patented System
      This particular system optimizes the circulation of hot air inside the cooking chamber so as to heat the refractory brick even more and cook your pizzas better even in a compact pizza oven such as 1 Pizza.The “around and down” pushed heat ensures that the oven always maintains the right temperature so as to be able to cook both the base and the toppings of the pizza perfectly.
  • Why Choose an Alfa Heat Genius Pizza Oven?
    oven? 1 Pizza by Alfa is the oven with a modern and compact design, characterized by the latest technology, easy to move and ideal for all environments that have little space. Like all Alfa ovens, 1 Pizza is also made in Italy and studied in detail to offer you excellent performance and maximum durability.
  • 5 Peculiar Features By Alfa
  1. Construction of the Forninox™ steel cooking chamber
  2. OptiDome semi-sphere design
  3. Shell with double layer of powder coating
  4. “Ready Already” Technology
  5. Sidefire Gas Burner
  • You have a small terrace and you don't know where to place your oven?
    The new wood and gas oven base comes in a cardboard box just like your pizza oven, and is also convenient to carry around by car.Equipped with a practical shelf, the base is designed to optimise space and to move your pizza oven easily thanks to the ergonomically shaped handle and the 4 swivel wheels with brake. Assembling the base of your pizza oven is very easy and fast: just screw the 4 legs to the shelf, assemble the 4 wheels and place the oven on top, making sure to fasten the 4 feet to the base of the oven.
  • Details That Make a Difference
    • Hole for screwing the oven feet top version to the base
    • Convenient packaging and easy to carry
    • Stainless steel panel for cylinder cover or wood holder
    • Anthracite handle in epoxy resin
    • 4 professional wheels with brake
  • Assembling the 1 Pizza Alfa oven has never been easier
    Inside the package you will find: door, cowl, flue, feet.
    To start cooking your pizzas, all you need to do is mount the 4 feet at the 4 corners of the oven and screw the handle to the door and to the “cook and churn out” pallet.
    In gas models, insert the knob to the left of the front and screw the button with the battery on the right side.
    Place the flue at the top inside the hole, insert over the chimney and that’s it, your new pizza oven is immediately ready to use!

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